Welcome to SweetNFTreat.com, where you can grab a sweet NFT!

Thanks for entering our virtual bake shop! Our cooks have been SO incredibly busy lately whipping up an ambitious recipe for 10,000 special treats headed to the Ethereum blockchain. Yes, these are a little different from the character-style generational NFT sets out there, but they're also beautifully colorful and inviting. There's something so wholesome and everlasting about these delightful little treats, we're sure you'll enjoy having one (or two, or a dozen!) in your wallet for years to come.


When minting launches, we will have a "Mint SweetNFTreat" button here on the web site. You will be able to mint up to 10 sweets per transaction. You'll need your wallet connected, of course. SweetNFTreats will be offered at 0.01 ETH each, so they're a delicious way to build your NFT collection with vibrant, unique pieces all programmatically generated by our proprietary algorithmic recipe utilizing more than 230 possible "ingredients."

Expect exciting rarities!


I will post a roadmap sometime soon, as I am still in the planning stages for SweetNFTreats. I would love to hear from anyone in the NFT community who has suggestions.


SweetNFTtreats is an art project by a newly out-of-work mom in Portland (me!). After 20+ years as a full-time freelancer for a major national nonprofit organization, Covid-19 showed up and, like so many others, now I'm out of work! Yep, I was unceremoniously let go, laid off, downsized, canned, shown the door. I really don't know. It was quite a blow, and as I've been looking for work, I find myself with lots of free time! That's how I discovered the exciting world of NFTs. I am an eager learner and have been having so much fun!!! Since I love baking, I couldn't get the idea of creating generative NFT cupcakes out of my head -- something positive, colorful, and a real treat that I hope you will enjoy!

SweetNFTreats is a delicious collection of programmatically generated NFT colorful cupcakes, each one unique, and sure to retain their flavor perpetually as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. I've baked 10,000 of these unique little things using 250+ virtual ingredients to ensure your tasty enjoyment! Minting will cost the same for everyone.

I've teamed up with Jim Dee (@SwiggaJuice) from Generative NFT Studios, and he's been super kind, walking me through the process of creating the 10,000 generative colorful cupcakes.

I will hold back approximately 1% of these cakes, selected at random, as giveaways and other promotions. When you purchase a SweetNFTreat colorful cupcake, you own the commercial rights to it for as long as you retain ownership.

OUR SMART CONTRACT: [to be posted upon launch]

Development Partners

Many thanks to Jim Dee from Generative NFT Studios, who is handling the programmatic art generation for these cupcakes.





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